The 1970s

1970s CanCon

The ’70’s started out with the Vietnam war still raging on, but during the decade our Canadian focus turned inward, as the October crisis occurred in Quebec,  but by the end of the decade we were patting ourselves on our collective back, as our government helped 6 American hostages escape during the Iranian revolution.

Aside from Ken Taylor’s daring rescue of the American hostages in Iran, we had plenty to celebrate, including our second national baseball team (Toronto Blue Jays 1977), the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, and Paul Henderson’s winning goal in game 7 of the 1972 Summit Series!

There were plenty of fashion disasters that happened during the “me” decade too, including platform shoes, bell bottom jeans, wide lapels and leisure suits!

And, of course, the music changed over the decade.  What began as mostly music from Yorkville, lead to making international stars of a couple of guys from Winnipeg, a gym teacher from Springhill, Nova Scotia, and a glam rock star from Vancouver (by way of England).

The music lead to many other great things for Canada, including CanCon, the Juno Awards, and K-Tel Records (don’t even try to deny that you bought “Out Of Sight”).

1970s CanCon began with Bobby Gimby’s “Canada” still ringing in our ears, we proudly moved on to “American Woman” by Guess Who, “Sweet City Woman” by the Stampeders, “Snowbird” by Anne Murray, “Rock Me Gently” by Andy Kim, “Sometimes When We Touch” by Dan Hill, and finished out the decade with “Armageddon” by Prism.

Here at MAPL MEL, you can delve into the ’70’s and revisit some of your favourite CanCon songs from the decade.  Sit back, “click” on your favourites (or ones you’ve forgotten), and enjoy!