The Juno Awards

The Juno Awards were originally called the Gold Leaf Awards and were a by-product of RPM Magazine, the first national radio & records chart in Canada.  RPM Magazine publishers Stan Klees and Walt Grealis, were instrumental in bringing Canadian music to the forefront (where it should be).  In the late ’60’s, they started lobbying the government to legislate Canadian radio stations to play a percentage of Canadian music (because, at that time, Canadian artists had to become big elsewhere before they were played in their home country).

When Pierre Juneau (heritage minister) announced that beginning in 1971, radio stations would be legislated to play 30% Canadian Content (CanCon), the Gold Leaf Awards became the Juno Awards in honour of the minister.

Click on any of the links to see who won (and who lost didn’t win…) at the Junos during the ’70’s and ’80’s: